​“darkness darkness, be my pillow” (Youngbloods)

you cant build in resilience, you learn to bounce, that muscles are
the opposite of gravity, how we eat the sun by eating those who eat those
who eat directly, while the happiness of rabbits,
arctic foxes with so many mice to eat keep doing it

getting above the packaging, back to a visionary speed
of process and opportunity, weather answering what we haven’t defined,
breathing molasses into our hair-roots–evolved, involuted,
spinning til the shape changes, toes ajig with all that’s fallen

like reverse-engineering a seed, like being born old and going back to infancy,
whichever way the hoop spins we must befriend and cobra the axes of rotation
since we wont stop, since we’re spread apart & here’s not tasty enough

with more being made everyday faster than space can vertical, flatten and fill,
homogenizing to maximize sudden weather and other connections,
to continue. to extinguish, to gather like a sneeze of images,
a swarm of semi-syllables, unstrung necklaces when no one stops
the spinning windows, the floor about to give birth,
whats been feeding on the plasters sweat is ready to take over

forgery, force feeding, americanesia
more efficient to exhale out the anus, one continual spin
thighs so sleek no accidental sparks, the more distracted can be packed closer,
if each of your 7 limbs needs living contact youre no longer on the right planet


Dan Raphael

About Dan Raphael

The State I’m In, which came out this March, is a collection of new dan raphael poetry. Current poems appear in Otoliths, Rattapallax. Caliban, Snakeskin and Skidrow Penthouse. He performs throughout the Northwest and recently began teaching a workshop on how to perform your own poetry. dan currently arranges the Market Day reading series in St Johns, and had run a series downtown for 13 years; he published 26 Books—26 books of 26 pages by 26 OR & WA writers--and edited NRG magazine.
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