​Your namesong
​      Crown
The wood
With its restatement
​      Of the
      ​And the same
​            Love that
Lives in every
      ​Long circle
            ​Of every
Diverse thing!

Let us know you
      ​That know you not.

To listen to your song
​      Stretch out along

The cool air is to hold, hold
      ​Your grey body

And feel your
​      Silver pulse thrum,

Is to know the blue liveblood
      ​Descended from

A dark strawstream
      ​Of dusty comets.

      ​You are pushing us
            ​To despair
That cannot love than
      ​What sings
Its own solitary name.


Owen Lucas

About Owen Lucas

Owen Lucas is a British writer living in Norwalk, Connecticut. His poetry, fiction and translations have been published in more than sixty journals in the U.S., Britain, and Canada. He is an editor-at-large at Potluck Magazine. Look for new work in upcoming issues of Big Lucks, Identity Theory, Plume Poetry and Small Po[r]tions. For more: owenlucaspoems.com
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