rainforest ecstasy (from tropical pacific to arctic climes)

            – for the river that runs through us

tangerine monkeys spring

                                                      on ancient banana feet



starCries announcing


                              Hummingbirdtelegrams twist


(choose)rush of breath

                                          a blueprint electric

            of dots-and-dash

                                                                  across apricot tiger flats

kinkajous plunge


                        on curtailing amaze

                                                and moon-faced NightMonkey wakes

at dusk

                        to sail the new moonship Iguana


                                                                  dragons are fireflies

                              the forest ahum


                  Harpy Eagles fly


            and Quetzal feathers whisper

                        come hug

                                                                        the chanting edge of Dolphins

                  their erotic brother wears a coat of rain


it takes the swaddling stillness of Penguins

                                                to keep the balance of things

                  and little leaf-nosed bats track

                                                ground lightning—


                                    upon wing


Melissa Reed

About Melissa Reed

Melissa (Mei An) Reed is an International Baccalaureate Professor of English A Literature and Composition, English B, Theory of Knowledge, Literature in Performance, and Theater Arts. She has been teaching for over seven years in various countries, including Malaysia, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and China. She is also a published scholar who studies with her students literature’s soul-mending powers. Portland is her home, where during holidays she reflects on the life of teaching and soul mending through poetry. Reclaiming Persephone’s Choice reflects on the tender Icarus and Andromeda, inner archetypes often drowned out from recognition in today’s media-driven, global warrior-pirate cultures and how teachers like Persephone accept to journey into the dark depths of the inner underworld to bring out the sparks of light and creative powers within their students.
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