A Prayer for the Horned Ones I

This is not the sunrise on ab-
normality, I/we are anomaly
ubiquitous but
aware how this urban-scape ate at all of us. The great
curl of amber street
lights overhang those street-side late night walkers desperate
for a hug, a smile, for the most dangerous thing:
the atavism of their perceived
normalcy. Each of the us are buried

soldiers dripping

from their eyes, dress right dress [how we are forgotten—cotton wife-beaters ripped open] a launch code in each breast pocket, a twin set of latch-keys,

and some deadman’s switch
            knicking the back of our legs, that’s how
will learn to agree.


Michael Cooper

About Michael Cooper

Michael Cooper is an inland empire poet, PoetrIE member, CSUSB MFA Graduate, and father to two great sons: Markus & Jonathan. His book, coauthored with good friend Cindy Rinne, entitled Speaking Through Sediment, is now available from ELJ Publications. For more poems and ideas please visit his blog at https://poetcooper11.wordpress.com/

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