Beatitudes for the Furious Certain

Blessed are the flame-throwers,
for they shall burn with bountiful fervor.

Blessed are the blistered shouters,
for they shall rasp each vowel.

Blessed are the valiant unseeing,
for they shall witness generous malice.

Blessed are the fierce engravers,
for they shall carve miserly script.

Blessed are the sliver-hearted,
for they shall pulse with cold blood.

Blessed are those who thirst for rectitude,
for they shall be parched by vitriol.

Blessed are the furious certain,
for they shall dwell in deep caverns.

Blessed are the corner prophets,
for they shall travel queer angles.

Blessed are you who suffer in piety,
on earth as you would in heaven.
Your reward shall be the hair shirt,
taste of bile, the errant tendril secreted
inside the pure and brazen locket.


Keli Osborn

About Keli Osborn

Keli Osborn lives in Eugene, Oregon, where she works with community service organizations and co-coordinates Windfall, a public reading series featuring poets, memoirists, novelists and other writers. Keli’s poems appear or are forthcoming in The Fourth River, KYSO Flash, The Quotable, Timberline Review and the 2015 Red Sofa Poets chapbook, How to Love Everything.
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