Next time, cover the clock face.

indigo curtain descending / yellow-white and pixelated stars, mist of rain, instinct / bare wrists pulsing like satellites / on the floor twist alabaster sheets / and beneath sheets, a low song half-remembered / against my clavicle, we pin her lips and listen: hum of bees, wind, a hollow, the coming storm

                                    arsenic hours
                              tenderness unwinds
                                    the dark tide


Keli Osborn

About Keli Osborn

Keli Osborn lives in Eugene, Oregon, where she works with community service organizations and co-coordinates Windfall, a public reading series featuring poets, memoirists, novelists and other writers. Keli’s poems appear or are forthcoming in The Fourth River, KYSO Flash, The Quotable, Timberline Review and the 2015 Red Sofa Poets chapbook, How to Love Everything.
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