Can You Outrun a Tsunami?

            Race the Wave this weekend, The Oregonian, 9/11/15

Up the coastal highway, on poles and storefronts,
the poster’s question blared – can you outrun…?
Imagine the 12 foot wave, the wall
that slams like a fist towards you,
imagine the roads toward the hills.
The 5 and 10K run scheduled for Saturday
will test your mettle. Let’s have T-shirts
and hot dogs, and TV coverage.
Ol’ USA know-how will beat that monster –
hold a race up the hill, Lycra and headbands,
lithe limbs and Nikes, pounding the asphalt
as the crowds cheer. Let the day be sunny.
Let no sign of high waves
disturb our fun.


Catherine McGuire

About Catherine McGuire

Catherine McGuire is a writer and artist with a deep interest in philosophy and the interface of Nature with humans. She has many poems published, including in publications such as New Verse News, FutureCycle, The Quizzical Chair anthology, The Smoking Poet, Portland Lights Anthology, Fireweed, and on a bus for the nationally-known Poetry In Motion project. She has taught workshops around Oregon and her chapbook, Palimpsests, was published by Uttered Chaos in 2011. She has three self-published chapbooks. Find her at
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