Another New Year

I woke before my heart could stop
the light of pale sun through my venetian blinds ribs
stuck halfway, slicing everything into strips
not inclined to become a whole
I lounge in a room of suspended rain,
the months floor dust marred by the first wave of drops
like piss from a plane invisible above clouds
nothing else falls, I’m insubstantial enough
to calligraph around the hanging drops
look through their lenses to see this is a leftover storm
the remints of clouds from many places
still the water hovers, waiting for recall or instant ascension
like a vacuum wiper blade cleaning the room
without smearing me against the windows or walls

I split into 12 and run in symmetrical directions
each one soon out of range of the others, then unable to return
looking into the sky to see new science,
like up is down, with the points & bristly sawed stripe of trees
hovering above me, or the sky is an x-ray mirror
Surveilling the alleys in my crystal skull
noting the intersections of exchange, as every transaction
must be taxed & tasted, all new value to be drained off
for the larger good, to maintain my somnolent status
to replicate what never existed, as light from an errant sun
an emerging replacement sun without instructions
for this particular job following the memorized manual
light leaking from the incomplete seal
light sticky with sap confused by a sudden change in seasons
angle of the sky, a seam birds fall through:


Dan Raphael

About Dan Raphael

The State I’m In, which came out this March, is a collection of new dan raphael poetry. Current poems appear in Otoliths, Rattapallax. Caliban, Snakeskin and Skidrow Penthouse. He performs throughout the Northwest and recently began teaching a workshop on how to perform your own poetry. dan currently arranges the Market Day reading series in St Johns, and had run a series downtown for 13 years; he published 26 Books—26 books of 26 pages by 26 OR & WA writers--and edited NRG magazine.
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