Antelope Refuge

The sage gets shorter
​​​up the high plateau.
​​​We hike the gray-green hills
​​​above an aspen dotted fold,
​​​a diligent wind sweeping past.
​​​On the back side of Hart Mountain
​​​we stop to rest, marveling
​​​at the comely reach of dust
​​​that stretches its meager economy
​​​over stone.
​​​At camp, footsore and hungry,
​​​I hook up the propane,
​​​open cans and turn down flaps
​​​on the nylon tent.
​​​The wind hesitates nearby.


Gary Lark

About Gary Lark

Gary Lark’s work includes: “Without a Map,” Wellstone Press, 2013, “Getting By,” winner of the Holland Prize from Logan House Press, 2009 and three chapbooks. His work has appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Hubbub, Poet Lore, and The Sun. Three poems were featured on The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor.
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