Gilmore Tamny

About Gilmore Tamny

Gilmore Tamny lives in Somerville, MA. She has a story in Madison Smartt Bell’s Narrative Design, essays in Not A Rose by Heide Hatry andThe Dan Clowes Reader. She has a book of poems published in 1997, The Small Time Smirker. She's had essays, artwork, interviews and short stories published in Chickfactor, Petrichor Review, Foliate Oak, Turk's Head Review, 3Elements, Pithead Chapel, Meat for Tea and Vine Leaves. She wrote songs for three albums under the name The Yips and is currently recording with the band Weather Weapon. In 2002, she received an MFA from Emerson College. Her line drawings can be seen here: One of her novels, My Days with Millicent which is being serialized online at Ohioedit.
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