Bed Time

Two girls in nightgowns.
There’s Grandpa’s special knock.
Time for hide and seek,
the older sister says, I’ll count

first. Grandpa walks in
jiggling the lock to “talk.”
Two girls in nightgowns.
Grandpa’s special knock

then he’s in, his hand down
his pants pulling out his cock
flaccid growing rigid as he rocks
and moans. Her younger sister hidden.
Two girls in nightgowns.


Heidi Schulman Greenwald

About Heidi Schulman Greenwald

Heidi Schulman Greenwald has been practicing the art and craft of poetry since 2002. Her poems have been published in the Aurorean, Literary Mama, ouroboros review, The Oregonian, VoiceCatcher, and Windfall, and have won awards from the Oregon Poetry Association. In June 2012, she was poet-in-residence at the Olde Orchard Inn in Moultonboro, NH. She is currently working on her first manuscript. She lives with her husband and two children in Portland, OR.
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