It Can Happen Just Like That

Even as      it rains and hails       the thrushes
    sing me      out of      dissipated dreams;
lilac buds      and lusher          pasture grass
are hopeful         signs            especially
the birds      by the  front porch   feeder
dispel  the soggy    mis èn scene.

And sometimes   they mistake
    the window for the sky
or maybe a mate    smiling    back
from the glass ;      house hunt season
and maybe   it was that        that made
the varied  thrush   fly    smack
into the pane.        A softer thwack
is usually   ok  :    even after

a sparrow lay      all day in a daze,
white    drops out    its little beak,
it did    eventually       fly away     but
this   resplendent    bird       gold-black
    flown       home        from
who knows where    it  wintered,
millet hull still on its beak         just
died      in my hand          moist eye
lingered      gleaming     as I    willed
what life    I shared to        please
come back         now      sleeps
quiet     on my shawl         in case

he might still     wake       without
a broken neck.       Even after
such  a   crack,        it can happen
quietly.           His eye stayed        light,
and     for awhile      I thought that
    he   might   log  back    on
from his          tweening dream
of meeting       the lovely  dappled one
    he  looked for     all     along
happy     to lay his eggs        for whom
he sang       his morning     song.

Susan Lynch

About Susan Lynch

Susan Lynch was born in Chicago, co-founded an Oregon commune in 1970, became a rock singer in LA in the 80’s, and went to college 20 years later. Susan received a BA in English from Reed College, an MFA from Goddard College, and was a visiting student at Oxford University. Her poems have appeared in the Oxford University Poetry Society's journal Ash. and elsewhere. She is the October anthology poet for The neo:anthology Project in the UK; her poem “Only What I’ve Heard” will be published in the Circle Poems anthology December 2013. She’s Associate Editor of The Conium Review.
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