What I Can Tell You is This

I never question
the science behind sleep
or reasons for existence
or the need for sharp borders
that scar the surface
of our round home

Nor do I wonder
any longer
how people can be so inhuman
or what the knobs of your fingers
might taste like
in the map of my hands

All I really know for certain
is the feeling of blistered muscle
that is now tamed by calcified
so that this god beneath my feet
can curl between this pair of
timeworn craters

and He will breathe my skin to ash
and She will turn my bones to earth


Celeste Perez

About Celeste Perez

Celeste Perez is a student at Marylhurst University, pursuing a degree in English Literature with a focus in creative writing. She attended the 2014 National Undergraduate Literature Conference in Ogden, Utah. She's had a poem published in the M Review.

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