Child Actor

The squashed-
elf face elongates in the program. 
She no longer loves rabbits,
acting, and singing. She’s done
with happy 
to return this season. Now
she studies voice and improv. Lost 
are the frogs and hay bales 
of Willow Wind School. Now 
she walks the walls 
of The Academy and battles afternoons
in unarmed combat, broadsword 
and rapier. O hardworking
day when she landed that plum— 
Desdemona (understudy). At night 
she places her own small hands
over the pillow 
and practices her death.


Amy Miller

About Amy Miller

Amy Miller’s poetry has appeared in Northwest Review, Nimrod, Crab Orchard Review, Many Mountains Moving, Willow Springs, and ZYZZYVA. She won the Cultural Center of Cape Cod National Poetry competition, judged by Tony Hoagland, and was a finalist for the 2012 Pablo Neruda Prize and 49th Parallel Award. She works as the publications manager for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and blogs at
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