Child of My Age

Sun is down in its winter home
barely visible above naked branches,
the valley without rain
for the first time in weeks;
dry and bright the day opens
and I meet it, my worn places
flaking off like decayed skin,
beneath the roughage
something pink and new,
a baby born from an old man
like the miracle of Abraham,
child of my age coming forth
with words fully formed,
yearning for the milk of life
and bright green forest,
still wailing with hunger
after all these years.



Don Hynes

About Don Hynes

Don Hynes, husband, father, and grandfather, 1969 University of Notre Dame honors graduate, lives and writes in his adopted hometown of Portland Oregon. Author of three volumes of poetry, “Slender Arrow” (1998), “Out from Under” (2001), and “The Living Dark” (2007) as well as the weekly on line Poet’s Journal. While poetry has been his lifelong avocation, Don is also a tradesman, builder, and large projects construction manager and Owner’s Representative (
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