Dune Camp at Dawn

He stokes the fire at the foot of a dune,
embers and ash
garnishing sun slants.

Waking within reach
of dream’s fading braille,

memory searching for wing bones

in the undertow,
he walks his six foot of solo

alongside bobcat tracks.

Unseen eyes, deep in forest now, passed by
his dreaming face, his long slow breaths

inside immense starlight. Dream eyes

like yellow buoys above sand

marking a threshold.

Smoke dry-brushes the shapes of wind.



Charles Thielman

About Charles Thielman

Raised in Charleston, S.C., and Chicago, educated at red-bricked universities and on city streets, Charles has worked as a youth counselor, truck driver, city bus driver and enthused bookstore clerk. Married on a Kauai beach in 2011, a loving Grandfather for five free spirits, Charles’ inspired work as Poet, Artiste and shareholder in an independent Bookstore’s collective continues! His poems have appeared in The Pedestal, Poetry365, The Criterion [India], Poetry Salzburg [Austria], Battered Suitcase, Future Cycle, The Oyez Review, Poetry Kanto [Japan], Tiger’s Eye and Rio Grande Review! Charles’ chapbook, “Into the Owl-Dreamed Night”, is available from Uttered Chaos Press! [www.utteredchaos.org]
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