Ephram Pratt Emits October Chantings

Born like a stone
crossing time,

he emits willowy wisps
like the horns

of Broadway,
lined up like statues

issuing orders
to the saints of Melrose,

crossing their hearts
with dead fingers.

He erupts occasionally,
with a burst

of October chanting,
knowing his stockings

and other undiscovered
endeavors of science

won’t last the winter,
but will disappear

like vagrant whispers
caught in the October winds

of a wilted Siberia,
aghast with fragrant

energy needles,
seeding the atmosphere

with tiny chevrons
of pure gold.



Jack Lorts

About Jack Lorts

Jack Lorts poems have appeared widely in little and literary magazines over the past 40+ years, including Arsenic Lobster, Fishtrap, High Desert Journal, Haggard & Halloo, etc. His most recent chapbooks are "Dear Gilbert Sorrentino & Other Poems" (Finishing Line) and "The Meeting Place of Words" (Pudding House). He is currently Mayor of Fossil, OR.
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