Ephram Pratt Examines the Eyes of Blue Guitars

Intransigent dreams
mirror his gray eyes,

fall slowly into blue grass,
making eye lashes

fondle soapy fingers
like aging nymphs

crawling between
the eyes of sparrows.

Ignore what he says,
make it simple

like grazing in silence
amid tell-tale lies,

amid softly boiling
razor straps

ratcheting softly
through blind eyes,

through beguiling

stranded in forced

agrip in silence,
like dead strings

hanging on a broken
blue guitar.



Jack Lorts

About Jack Lorts

Jack Lorts poems have appeared widely in little and literary magazines over the past 40+ years, including Arsenic Lobster, Fishtrap, High Desert Journal, Haggard & Halloo, etc. His most recent chapbooks are "Dear Gilbert Sorrentino & Other Poems" (Finishing Line) and "The Meeting Place of Words" (Pudding House). He is currently Mayor of Fossil, OR.
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