Fearing for the trees

I stare at my trees and worry.
I planted you, my sugar maple
colored now like candy corn,
my overarching beauty where
wild turkeys roost like a row
of enormous cats on boughs.

I planted you, my weeping beech
that creates a veil of leaves
a green cave underneath,
branches trailing to the ground.
We sit on a blue bench there
birds almost in our hair.

My sturdy oaks, my birches
and white firs, pitch pines
that claimed this hill before
I came – up the long coast
a hurricane is charging
to endanger you and us.

Forty-one years you all
grew here and in one long
moment you could topple
and I cannot live long enough
to replace you, who fill my eyes
sentinels, chapels, cities of leaves.


Marge Piercy

About Marge Piercy

Knopf has published the paperback of Marge Piercy’s 18th poetry book THE HUNGER MOON: New & Selected Poems. Piercy has published 17 novels, including SEX WARS. PM Press just republished DANCE THE EAGLE TO SLEEP, VIDA, and BRAIDED LIVES with new introductions by Piercy. PM Press will be bringing out her first short story collection THE COST OF LUNCH, ETC. in Spring 2014. Her memoir is SLEEPING WITH CATS, Harper Perennial.
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