February Ontology

Winter winds
                  wage war, wound
                              the wintering dog.

Who are those girls and boys in the park
smoking, swearing, throwing sticks
as if the wintering dog would give chase?

What am I to think of that youthfulness
as another February hurries past –
the wintering dog and I alone

in the loneliest of seasons, where water
from the fountain falls irrevocably,
ices in the magnificent basin?

Today I rose early in the hope of capturing
my fleeting recollections, the pale blue
February sky which enraptured me,

the adulteration of today’s youth,
the smell from the baker’s door,
the wintering dog and I alone

                                    waging war, worn out
                  with wandering,
watching water.


Mark A. Murphy

About Mark A. Murphy

Mark A. Murphy’s first full length collection, Night-watch Man & Muse was published in November 2013 from Salmon Poetry (Eire). http://www.salmonpoetry.com/details.php?ID=315&a=250. Murphy’s poems have been published in over 100 magazines and ezines in 17 different countries world wide.
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