Fruit Bat

            ​for Winzi

You will be a fruit bat in the next life,
a flying fox, megachiroptera, draping
red fur with five foot black wings, sturdy-thin
like a contractor’s bag, suspended
from a langsat tree, you’ll sleep soundly.

I’ll be a guava, draping too, like you,
with green flesh holding pink-red spoils—
my body’s sweet bounty, stocked with seeds.

On your daily hunts, slicing the forest
above-and-below canopy, your nose—
tuned to ripening scents—vibrates and perks;
I am reverberating, my seeds need
spreading. Your body, incubator,
could carry me across the forest, vast
only world we both know. I’ve brought skin
to bursting for you—I ask that you taste.


Brendan Walsh

About Brendan Walsh

Brendan Walsh has been published in Connecticut Review, Off the Coast, Mason's Road, Lines + Stars, Noctua Review, Drunk Monkeys, and other journals. His first collection, Make Anything Whole, was published by Five Oaks Press in January of 2015. From 2013 to 2014, Walsh taught English on a Fulbright Grant in Vientiane, Laos and has also taught in Masan, South Korea. He currently lives in New Haven, CT and serves as Assistant Director of International Education at Southern Connecticut State University, where he earned his Master of Fine Arts. His work has been awarded the Anna Sonder Prize of the Academy of American Poets, the Leslie Leeds Poetry Prize, and a Freedman Prize for poetry in performance. He has been a featured reader at the New American Writing Festival and the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival's CT Young Poets Day.
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