This Halcyon

On the cusp of the fourth and fifth worlds
things can feel a little out of whack,
with no more hold than tendrils on barbed wire
but this halcyon has a soft center
when evening pours into the night
out to a shine beyond our ring.

This thing, this Pangea, how do I
put it back, so jigsawed in the rift?
And where’s this bird by time elided?

Looking out, the white sky and I
                        lose thought
as something unexpected rushes in.

The stories leave it out
                        but I believe
it’s this softness, like
the sound of wings, the stunned hush
when a new world’s sighted
and eyes widen as she sings the past
into a pile of ash, ready for the wind.


Susan Lynch

About Susan Lynch

Susan Lynch was born in Chicago, co-founded an Oregon commune in 1970, became a rock singer in LA in the 80’s, and went to college 20 years later. Susan received a BA in English from Reed College, an MFA from Goddard College, and was a visiting student at Oxford University. Her poems have appeared in the Oxford University Poetry Society's journal Ash. and elsewhere. She is the October anthology poet for The neo:anthology Project in the UK; her poem “Only What I’ve Heard” will be published in the Circle Poems anthology December 2013. She’s Associate Editor of The Conium Review.
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