Haunted and Searching

Haunted by the unseen
I searched for mystery
but found only a trackless sky,
the changing face of sea,
a small hooded bird
still on a branch
then gone in an instant,
an otter dipping into dark water,
a thin brown snake with long gold stripe,
crows cawing at a solitary raven,
a rabbit disappear into thorny brush
and an eagle lift slowly toward the water
yet nowhere could I find the unseen,
not even when the owl cried,
the half moon surfaced from the clouds
and the night sky arced blue black and shining
with a flight of countless stars.


Don Hynes

About Don Hynes

Don Hynes, husband, father, and grandfather, 1969 University of Notre Dame honors graduate, lives and writes in his adopted hometown of Portland Oregon. Author of three volumes of poetry, “Slender Arrow” (1998), “Out from Under” (2001), and “The Living Dark” (2007) as well as the weekly on line Poet’s Journal. While poetry has been his lifelong avocation, Don is also a tradesman, builder, and large projects construction manager and Owner’s Representative (http://cpmdonhynes.com)
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