Holiness and the Daily Round

Thinking about my friend and teaching colleague, Ann Smiley, living now in the rural southwest, dry landscape, prickly, thorny plants, and “poverty” says our mutual friend, Jenny. Not a get-away like Ashland or Sisters, more like moving out beyond Lakeview, moving to Glide or Hebo. I can’t imagine the draw of the so-far-away, but I think I understand some of what Ann is seeking. After reading some of her letter, I think of Thomas Merten’s Holiness and the Daily Round, and deconstruct my own far-away life, calendar filled with meetings and phone call moments. Is there holiness in the headlines, in checking in with Ask Amy’s advice, with the “turning on” sound of the laptop coming to life, with the water routine for the geraniums? I sit across the café table from a former student, her beauty is a holiness, that’s for sure. What about her 3rd engagement? Whatever it is that assists us into the Now, is, I guess, that daily round of holiness we need. After eating an oatmeal cookie, I lift my tea cup and feel its warmth. My other hand moves this pen across the page. These words aren’t holy but that little nudge that moves the pen surely is.



About Ann Staley

Ann Staley teaches writing and writing strategies to teachers of all disciplines so they can incorporate more writing into their content areas and to take the burden off English instructors everywhere who are blamed for spelling, apostrophe, and sentence fragments the world over. Her first book of poems, Primary Sources, was nominated for an Oregon Book Award. Her second book, Instructions For The Wishing Light, will be published this fall, and will include "Holiness and the Daily Round".
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