Between the skimming talons
and the unswearable,
in music mastless
sweet unbearable
our mutinous hearts
flotsamed free.
This fathomed fall
a shivering sea, we tie ourselves
to what we will
and sing, sing asylum down.

In pelagic twilight,
salt-scent-near, we sieve a crib
through a three boned weir,
from the monkey’s muzzle
to the air-drowned ear
a song of untranslatable custom.
Vestigial heat cupped
in half-webbed hands,
the thin-run bond
of a once walked land,
an eye-lit hymn
of minds unmanned.

The empty hips of the whale
rise beneath our treading feet.


Peleg Held

About Peleg Held

Peleg Held was a former member of Voices in the Wilderness as well as several other failed campaigns for basic human decency. He is a carpenter in Portland, Maine where he lives with his partner and children, (primate and other). His work has appeared in Counterpunch, Angle Journal, and a few other joints. 
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