The House That You Built for Me

Union is as if in a room there were two large windows through which the light streamed in;
it enters in different places but it all becomes one. (Saint Teresa of Avila)

Each window in this house is
a window of forgiveness.

Each door a new hope or old security.

Hurry, come now
someone ask me how this is possible

after all, you are dead.

No one will understand my answer
that you are still here as you promised.

I am your formidable wife forever.

Not the kind of wife that lives
in a strange country of sparrow and hawks.

Nor the wife of a fisher man.

Nor the tired wife of a butcher man
cleaning up the strange curdling blood hourly.

Not the worn out by puns wife of a car salesman

or the suspicious wife of an artist
waiting for the model to leave.

I Am the wife of your death

the redemption, the falling into a journey
we all will take, but no one ever knows to where.

Each closet is wide open

with everything tumbling out
it’s belly full of troubled thoughts wide open to all.

The yard a tangle of vines and leaves

worn old planks. Transgressions cast aside
the river is raging white and rampant.

The snow here is pure.

The rain cold deliciously slippery
each lick is the taste of a sacred blood

the shiver, the rocks all tuned perfectly.

Millipedes, rolling bugs and worms
all of another nature

all are here redeeming, grinding, working.

Each window in this house is
a window of forgiveness

I see through the glass clearly

not as they have said how it must be
for here there is no sin.


J.V. Foerster

About J.V. Foerster

JJ.V. Foerster was born in Port Washington, Wisconsin. She has been published for over 20 years in various literary magazines and journals. Those magazines include: Eclectica, Agnieszka’s Dowry, Red River Review, Midnight Mind, Premiere Generation Ink, Fickle Muse, Oak Bend Review and Women Writers Online, Fox Chase Review, Elohi Gaduji to name just a few. She was also privileged to be nominated in 2011 for a Pushcart for her work in Fox Chase Review. She is a photographer and painter and has had work published in online magazines as well has taken part in gallery shows. J.V. lives in Brightwood, Oregon in a rain forest on the Sandy River with Mr. Buttons the Aussiedoodle.
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