Illumination Begun at Twilight

When everything twins.
light, dark, ark and flood,

flourish, blight,​​
the circling arm of the compass

and pricking center leg​
of an immutable point,

patience, irritation
that initiates the pearl,

boundary fence​
and deer leaping over it,

wild blackberries hard stars
on the white undersides of leaves,

a crow you see but cannot hear,
a hummingbird you hear but cannot see,

weightless bats eating
their weight out of nothing but air,

looking out
a window at twilight

the field going black ​​
and until all is visible

with no reflection ​​
looking back


Jeff Burt

About Jeff Burt

Jeff Burt lives in Santa Cruz County, California, with his wife and a July abundance of plums. He has work in Watershed Review, Amarillo Bay, Clerestory, and The Nervous Breakdown. He won the 2011 SuRaa short fiction award.
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