An Individual Heaven

Would be a dark bar with out bother.
A bourbon soaked cherry.
A long drag,
a thicker mane,
and a smooth pen.

It’d be a detour with out question.
A compassed hand.
A weathered map.
A loaded camera and a Bulliet manhattan.

I’d have sex with out consequence.
A mother’s wisdom.
The joining of a collective understanding,
to be understood.
And there’d be a spotlight for words.

I’d get a call back,
a second look,
the swift scent of an old book,
and an effortless reflection.

There’d be cash tips,
aprons burning,
an orchestra for everything,
and all of it fenceless.


Ashley Warren

About Ashley Warren

You can find Ashley Warren's work in The Full Moon Poetry Society (a poetry blog), which includes an award for 2nd best poem of 2011. She also a poem published in Minneapolis’ Southwest Journal and have a short story published in The Cynic (an online literary magazine). She lives in San Francisco.
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