Instead of Arms

  • Queen Anne’s lace reaching
    stem unbroken
    defying both wind and aphids
  • The third layer of an onion
    white and crisp.
  • Five-card spreads
    the Tower
    and the eight of cups
    Never knowing
    where they might end up
  • Letters tucked in library books
    addressed to no one in particular
  • Walks along empty
    railroad tracks, the black
    echoing hills of midnight
  • The sound of a waiting
    train, engine chuffing need of distance
  • Constant tangle
    of windblown hair
    eyes that refuse to pick
    a color, want
    that knows no shape


Darla Mottram

About Darla Mottram

Darla Mottram is a recent graduate of Marylhurst University in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She will pursue an MFA in poetry at Portland State University beginning fall 2015. Her work has been featured in NAILED Magazine and Voicecatcher, among others. She a co-founder of the social art project Put-Pockets (, a blog that documents creative ways of sharing poetry with the world.
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