It was time
for her to dig deep,
into her scars
where her nipples used to tingle.

She inks a vine of jasmine
upon which her lover could now cling.

Petals unfurl in singular motion.
Syncopated fluidity of the curve,
small of her back
ever so slightly arched.

Their perfume a sweet reminder –
today, she is alive.


About Shawn Aveningo

Shawn Aveningo is a globally published, award-winning poet who believes poetry is the perfect literary art form for today’s fast-paced world due to its power to stir emotion in less than two minutes. Shawn’s poetry has appeared in over 70 literary journals & anthologies, and she has authored 4 solo collections. Her three children make her an extremely proud mama bear. She shares the creative life and business (thePoetryBox.com) with her soul-mate in Portland, Oregon. (redshoepoet.com)
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