There is a small statue of Buddha
on my desk. He sits very quietly
poised and watchful
I often ask him for advice
I like to tell him of my recent good deeds,
that dog who is no longer homeless
that man with new shoes
those words I swallowed for breakfast
and then I wait
for the empty space between us to build
so I can admire him in all of his
silent roundness

I sometimes place my hand on his
stone body and run my fingers
in small circles on his raised belly,
as I imagine my brain churning
in his intestinal tract of
unsung knowledge
and when the cold, hard surface
burns with friction, I close my eyes
and chant desires
for longer days,
less misfortune,
more time

After all of this, I bow my head and bid him good evening,
and he speaks only to remind me to turn out the lights.


Celeste Perez

About Celeste Perez

Celeste Perez is a student at Marylhurst University, pursuing a degree in English Literature with a focus in creative writing. She attended the 2014 National Undergraduate Literature Conference in Ogden, Utah. She's had a poem published in the M Review.

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