Maple Leaves

flares there
on the lawn.

I gather a pile
the way I put my
around you

trying to absorb
the wild energy
of decay
and dying –

I remember
burying my nose in
your coat

taking a deep

charging into that pile
head first



Laura Winter

About Laura Winter

Laura Winter has been widely published and translated. Her work has appeared in numerous periodicals. Author of 5 collections, broadsides, performance projects, she shares her life with the visual artist Brad Winter. Together they explore the western landscape of hoo doos, headlands, basin and range, whitewater and rain. Her love for improvised music informs how she approaches the page and language. Improvised music and its spaces create interesting tensions between sound, words and silence; a breathing landscape she uses in her poetry. Some her poetry and music projects include work with Vinny Golia, Torsten Mueller, Garth Powell, Rob Blakeslee, Billy Mintz, Michael Bisio. Winter currently publishes TAKE OUT, a bag-a-zine of art, writing and music. See YouTube for a clip of Laura Winter and Ute Kaiser performing Laura’s poetry from Coming Here to be Alone, in English and German. Found at bradwinterpdx
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