Moonrise Kathmandu

A gibbous moon hangs: immense, and opalescent in the pearl-gray, early-evening sky. The brick square about the Boudhanath Stupa throbs with throngs of worshippers and curious tourists. High on a saffron-graced, circular dome, the colossal blue-painted orbs of the All Seeing Eyes of Buddha meet mid-brow. Purposefully, they follow the antlike rush of humanity about the base.

a child
on her mother’s hip:
saffron fingers

Somnambulant favor-seekers snake the heights, spinning brass prayer wheels, placing incense into the arched fire-openings. Flames belch heated ash. In altered-states, the procession drones, up and down, round and round. Mantras buzz like a million bee’s their drone blends with the crackle of fire and slap of footfall. The maze of steps and platforms appears endless. The penitents shuffle within a masonry mandala draped in a rainbow of saris they weave threads through the weft of time.

the breeze
snaps prayers flags:
vendor hawk wares

Rest, look, taste, each cajoles, offering chai tea and seats on straw stools.

Beggar children with mud-coated feet run pleading through the press of pampered travelers. Their reality existing side by side with that of the well-dressed foreign devils whose legs they cling too and whose eyes they beseech.


Deborah Guzzi

About Deborah Guzzi

Deborah Guzzi is a healing facilitator specializing in Japanese Shiatsu and Reiki. She writes for Massage and Aroma Therapy Magazines. She travels the world to expand her knowledge of healing and seeking writing inspiration. She has walked the Great Wall of China, seen Nepal (during the civil war), Japan, Egypt (two weeks before ‘The Arab Spring’), Peru, and France during December’s terrorist attacks. Her poetry appears in Magazines in the UK, Exsistere in Canada, Tincture in Australia, Cha:Asian Literary Review, China, Greece, and Travel by the Book, Eunoia, Liquid Imagination, The Wilderness Literary Review, Illumen, and others in the USA.
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