Morning Theology

The men who appear in my dreams wear the bodies
and faces of other men. And are them. Asleep this is clear
that someone can be more than who he is, fully
himself and others, both. Is it as Radhakrishnan said,
true knowledge is least of all this waking life,
but more in dreaming sleep, and better, dreamless,
and highest of all, something wholly other, above
the three? Augustine, surely, would disapprove of desire
as the method by which, woman-mind, my body
grasps his hypostasis in ousia, Trinity. Men
overlay each other, molten glass on moving glass,
each themselves, all three of them, one. I awake.


Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo

About Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo

Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo’s poetry was recently published in Fourteen Hills, Poet Lore, and lockjaw and is forthcoming from Think. She was in residence this summer at the Vermont Studio Center. Elizabeth received her MFA from the University of Oregon and lives in Portland, where she taught religion and ethics for many years. Read more at
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