North of the Pole Star

if you enter
these mountains alone
with only compass
and a map
let me know
I’ll meet you
half way
to half way
so we can play craps
with calculus

when we reunite
the Dipper’s handle
we will flip
the Moon’s
one sided coin
until a red maple
leaf in the river
floats around
that furthest bend

when we
rendezvous under
the Little Bear’s eye
we will smoke
soaked in blood
until our cliff face
trail deteriorates
into goat paths
and bird nests


Casey Bush

About Casey Bush

Casey Bush is a long time Portland poet and has read at many venues and events. His work has appeared in a wide range of journals and he has published seven books of poetry including “Blessings of Madness” (1994, 24 Books), “Jane’s Bonnets” (2000, Craftsman Printers) and “Agony of the Circle” (2006, Unimpressed Press). Casey is a senior editor of The Bear Deluxe Magazine which explores environmental issues through the literary and graphic arts.
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