On the Fence

On the fence is where this addict likes to be,
half in, half out, one foot on your bed and one
on the road to Starved Rock or Mendocino,
Bitterwater, Xochimilco, Buenos Aires,
outposts of women with their hand-me-down lives
disrupted by this cute evasive hobo
who flashes his red flags just like a come-on
and leaves out the back door, tail between his legs,
smacking his lips over your maple syrup.



John Oliver Simon

About John Oliver Simon

John Oliver Simon is one of the legendary poets of the Berkeley Sixties who has remained true to his calling. Published from Abraxas to Zyzzyva, Simon is also a distinguished translator of contemnporary Latin American poetry. He is Artistic Director of Poetry Inside Out, a program of the Center for the Art of Translation, and is the River of Words 2013 Teacher of the Year.
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