J.V. Foerster

About J.V. Foerster

JJ.V. Foerster was born in Port Washington, Wisconsin. She has been published for over 20 years in various literary magazines and journals. Those magazines include: Eclectica, Agnieszka’s Dowry, Red River Review, Midnight Mind, Premiere Generation Ink, Fickle Muse, Oak Bend Review and Women Writers Online, Fox Chase Review, Elohi Gaduji to name just a few. She was also privileged to be nominated in 2011 for a Pushcart for her work in Fox Chase Review. She is a photographer and painter and has had work published in online magazines as well has taken part in gallery shows. J.V. lives in Brightwood, Oregon in a rain forest on the Sandy River with Mr. Buttons the Aussiedoodle.
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