Picked Up My Mail Just a Few Moments Ago

Picked up my mail today just a few moments ago
I discovered boneless chuck roast is $1.99 a pound
but you gotta have your stereotype card irony implied
when you buy 6 btls. of wine there is a 10% discount
and jagged bathroom tissue $1.00 off 6 mega rolls
I’m thinking a global black connection here a burden
requiring 20% can’t go there for delicious seafood

no pressure on the line break skinny pop 2 for $5.00
human beings not connected to the shapeshifting sky
a commentary on our gastroenterological consumption
part of what we think carpet upholstery & bourgeoisie
french bread and cream cake and interest free terms
payless handymen experience not required I buy non-
working simple white dangerous highway truth milk

when you buy 3 there is always a final cost building
the sport’s page calls today for no guaranteed absolutes
14X80 3-2 refurbished I know I noticed each flashpoint
price and item on an american landscape inferiority
better for every part of this my day here is the meaning
rushing forward throughout all the affordable choices
I don’t need exc. communication skills to sit and cry.


Paul Strohm

About Paul Strohm

Paul Strohm is a free lance journalist working in Houston, Texas. He chases firetrucks, ambulances and police cars for a living. He has poems in the Berkeley Poets Cooperative, Deep Water Literary Journal, Green's Magazine, HuKmag.com and other fine retail locations.
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