how do i turn my street into a stream
& the schoolyard across into a marsh
my house would be way smaller & could i be
that rare mammal or bird who writes & remembers
scent trails in journals of dust & mud
pictograms based on the interaction of reeds, rain & clouds

the lifetime from naked branch to naked branch
                        bud-leaf- flower-fruit
some people get brighter colors as they age
some of us are conifers who barely change clothes
knock off one limb & three more take its place
those who lose their leader early on grow off focus, indecisive
or the hearty limb with a bad break in its past

the patient process of turning asphalt into topsoil
returning a shopping center to the meadow it had been
if the dams been here long enough the river who returns
will be a wild child


Dan Raphael

About Dan Raphael

The State I’m In, which came out this March, is a collection of new dan raphael poetry. Current poems appear in Otoliths, Rattapallax. Caliban, Snakeskin and Skidrow Penthouse. He performs throughout the Northwest and recently began teaching a workshop on how to perform your own poetry. dan currently arranges the Market Day reading series in St Johns, and had run a series downtown for 13 years; he published 26 Books—26 books of 26 pages by 26 OR & WA writers--and edited NRG magazine.
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