… On Rue Didot

On rue Didot he eyes the black skirt
with more than curiosity
thoughts of her life perhaps
she goes into one of the existential bars
between the ateliers and themagasins exotiques
he doesn’t follow her
thoughts of his wife perhaps
instead he goes to his usual bistrot
two hundred yards from Hôpital Broussais
beloved of Verlaine, no stranger to poules himself
This was the place where Beckett found his love
after his encounter with Prudent
and where Sartre died, his funeral march
filling the street on its intellectual surge
to Cimetière Montparnasse
He finishes his meal and walks along
the evening patterned pavement
to join his fellow writers at a nearby café
and orders a cognac
He can’t remember the last time he saw his wife


Grant McLeman

About Grant McLeman

Grant McLeman is a Scots poet, born in Glasgow in 1952 and has been writing since 2002, although he had a previous period of activity starting in 1975, during which he received 3 Diplomas in the Scottish Open Poetry Competition. He has been published in various outlets both in print and on-line, and in 2009 he published a collection called 'Street Magic'. 
He was shortlisted in the 2013 Desmond O'Grady Poetry Competition. 
He has collaborated at various times with composer/songwriters, photographers and a videographer.
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