In this scene from the story
a mother goes into her son’s room
to pick up his dirty jeans.

Outside the window, ivy
shivers in the wind
like something under water.

Summer is folding in,
leggy geraniums, cold rain,
robin’s nest quiet as a tomb.

You know what she’s thinking,
how inevitable autumn is,
the great cost of warmth.

You read to where she straightens
the bed covers, avoids the mirror
on her way out.

Each species of tree
its own nation –
color guards at every perimeter.


Colette Tennant

About Colette Tennant

Colette Tennant is an English Professor at Corban University where she teaches creative writing and literature. She also teaches poetry workshops throughout Washington and Oregon. Her poems have appeared in Rosebud, Dos Passos Review, Natural Bridge, Global City Review, Southern Poetry Review and others. She has poetry forthcoming in Encore, Orpheus II, and Gold Man Review. Her poetry book, Commotion of Wings, was a finalist in Main Street Rag’s 2009 contest and was published in January of 2010 as an editor’s choice.
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