September Vocabulary

When I remember the words I heard
back in the time before I was born
or knew it was dark until breath came
all at once with a rush of light
with all the vocabulary of sound
not worried about ever falling
and then the gathering of the letters
unnoticed in their winged places
and far into the roots of mangroves
sighing sweetly and the heat of new fruit
then the clouds learning to paint rain
the song of the first egg at its whitening
how did this story begin this little hour
at any hour this conversation with candles
barely a sound these lips this mouth


Colette Tennant

About Colette Tennant

Colette Tennant is an English Professor at Corban University where she teaches creative writing and literature. She also teaches poetry workshops throughout Washington and Oregon. Her poems have appeared in Rosebud, Dos Passos Review, Natural Bridge, Global City Review, Southern Poetry Review and others. She has poetry forthcoming in Encore, Orpheus II, and Gold Man Review. Her poetry book, Commotion of Wings, was a finalist in Main Street Rag’s 2009 contest and was published in January of 2010 as an editor’s choice.
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