the heart is a couplet, a twin
fracture scattered
in the shipwreck
of language

she picks
up an in-breath, gulps
down the clearest
silence like water needing

no translation, only
in the exhale, words
have a country

a meaning
they must cross &
uncross the tangled
lines the barbs

of borders
that say this
is Hindi, a smear upon
the other’s forehead & this
is Urdu, a bird we are trying

to make flightless, cage
in long slender bars of
Nastaliq, so it can

speak only of false
histories, made-up
good fortune & not

our mongrel past


Sophia Pandeya

About Sophia Pandeya

Sophia Pandeya’s work dwells in the liminal, engaging with borders that are linguistic, cultural, temporal, personal and geographical. The constant weaving and unraveling of these threads forms the fabric of her poetry. Sophia’s poetry has been published in the print anthologies, Cactus Heart, Askew Poetry,Bank Heavy Press and Spilled Ink as well in a number of online journals including The Adirondack Review, The Lantern Journal, Convergence Journal and Full Of Crow. IMAGO is her debut collection of poetry in collaboration with noted Argentine American photographer Edgar Angelone. Sophia lives in northern California with her husband and son.
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