Shotpouch Creek

On a sandbar, smooth round pebbles
form my name.
The swallows have built their nest of moss
under the bridge again.
A hummingbird watches the delphiniums
spilling down the banks.
A beaver-chewed branch rests
in a logjam.
A dead crayfish floats by.
Everything is written
in places cut by water.

About Jeff Fearnside

Jeff Fearnside’s poetry has appeared in The Fourth River, Permafrost, Qarrtsiluni, Blue Earth Review, Clackamas Literary Review, and The Los Angeles Review, among others, and is forthcoming in Forest Under Story: A Decade Of Creative Inquiry In An Old-Growth Forest (University of Washington Press), an anthology of writers who have been awarded residencies at the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest. He lives with his wife and their two cats in Corvallis, where he teaches at Oregon State University.
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