Silence (Hoh Rainforest, October 17, 2012)

Hungry for communion with the trees,
I entered the Hall of Mosses.
A lone bird, silent, glided
over the bracken pond.

I entered the sanctuary, silent,
feeling the reverence therein,
and soon veered into the maple grove
where I stood for a silent hour

watching in awe as the slanting sunlight
took the ancient moss-draped trees,
drapery slipping to the ground
as though, like me, stunned into worship.

One tiny fern, attached to one of three
grey-green giants, flickering not ecclesial red
but brightest green, a sanctuary lamp glowing
in a cathedral more silent than Chartres.

Silence wrapped around me, plunged deep
into my heart, as nature’s sacred wafer ate me
just as I had eaten it, a silent eucharistia, a legacy
of light and growth and tree, now me.


Don Foran

About Don Foran

Don Foran is in his forty-fourth year of teaching and will try to retire in June. He believes, with Parker Palmer, that good teachers must have a love of learning and a love of learners. He hopes to bring out a book of poems in the near future.
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