Aunt Jackie had 7 kids and wiped her face with
the wet diapers.
She had beautiful skin. Mother
said it probably worked, but she
would never try it.
Mother also said the toilet
water was the cleanest in the world.
Cleanest in the world—you
could drink it, she said—It gets
flushed all the time.

Uncle Eddie picked his teeth with little girls.
Aunt Rosy said, my brother would never—Liar!

The water goes around the opposite way in China.
It also did at our house, in New York.


Penny Freeland

About Penny Freeland

I am a NYC transplant, now living in Cape Hatteras. I have been writing since before I could hold a pen, when I would memorize my work. I teach writing and Literature, online and I love my work. I have raised all of my kids and now live with my min-pin. We walk the beach and find sea glass.
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