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We see what we are when
we move what we have.

Pictures and knickknacks wrapped
and shifted to a spare room;

trophies, a paddle and stuffed
animals banished

to the attic. Dressers we carry—
in an awkward

                                    side sway—edging not to scrape

the doorjambs. A regretted stain, gashes
reappear as the rug gets rolled.

                                    The sidelined mattress adjusts

hollows our idleness
excavated, fragrant

from the innards of every worry
and release.

The oils of our habits
printed around the missing switch plates,

now ghosts exposed
of some earlier color or grace.


Tim Whitsel

About Tim Whitsel

Tim Whitsel lives northeast of Springfield, Oregon. He left the trading floor of the Los Angeles Stock Exchange to raise three children. He is passionate about gardening, jazz, western rivers, soccer, bicycling and wine. He has visited these obsessions in his poems. 
For 6 years he hosted Windfall, a monthly reading series for the Eugene Public Library and the Lane Literary Guild.
WE SAY OURSELVES a 2012 chapbook from Traprock Books was his first collection. 
His poem “Mudflat Allure” won first place at the 2013 Northwest Poets’ Concord. “River Dasein” was included in the anthology WHAT THE RIVER BRINGS. The elegy “On The Day You Are Dying” appeared online in June 2013 in Construction. A poem of autumn entitled “Bracing” was published in May 2014 in Cascadia Review.
In 2014, Tim was awarded an artist’s residency at PLAYA. Airlie Press will publish his first full-length collection of poems in 2016. 
Audio recordings of his poems may be accessed at
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