Spawning Run

How many seeds inside a seed?
How far does north go?

I’m on my spawning run north
over I-205 Bridge

and salmon below in the Columbia
are on theirs.

The Statesman Journal reports
over 60 degree water is killing them

in the Clackamas, Santiam, Willamette
before they have a chance

and, unless lightning strikes
minds of politicians in Paris,

I wonder how long before we
have lost our chance.

Scott T. Starbuck

About Scott T. Starbuck

Scott T. Starbuck’s poetry focuses on the clash between ancient sustaining forces like wild salmon rivers and modern industry and industrial livelihood. He says, “The National Poetry Series accepting support from Exxon is like God asking Satan if he can spare some change for the cause.” Bill McKibben wrote about Starbuck’s “Industrial Oz [as] . . . rousing, needling, haunting.” Thomas Rain Crowe added, “Industrial Oz may just be the most cogent and sustained collection of quality eco-activist poetry ever written in this culture, this country.” The book is forthcoming from Fomite Press in September 2015. When he’s not teaching, Starbuck hikes Oregon and Washington coasts documenting pristine aspects of wilderness as well as our culture’s desecration of ecological communities.
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