On the Stafford Centennial

You spent your life writing poems
shaped from the earth
like rough cut stone
with the quiet force of water,
reminding us the danger
of putting anyone
on a pedestal
within or without.
Now that you’re gone
we may dress you up
in hero’s cloth
but I recall the dry dust
of the internment camps,
the forgotten people
on the edge of town,
the hubris of war
and the darkness that waits
beyond the frail light
of our traveling circus.
I remember these things Bill
and won’t forge them
into a statue.


Don Hynes

About Don Hynes

Don Hynes, husband, father, and grandfather, 1969 University of Notre Dame honors graduate, lives and writes in his adopted hometown of Portland Oregon. Author of three volumes of poetry, “Slender Arrow” (1998), “Out from Under” (2001), and “The Living Dark” (2007) as well as the weekly on line Poet’s Journal. While poetry has been his lifelong avocation, Don is also a tradesman, builder, and large projects construction manager and Owner’s Representative (http://cpmdonhynes.com)
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