The Lookout, Odell Butte

                    El. 7033

Perched like an eagle’s aerie above a stone cliff,
the hut sits on a scaffold of timbers.
Steep steps serpentine skyward.

The fire spotter waves me up,
says he’s a college student from Connecticut—
hasn’t talked to anyone for a week.

Below our feet, stretching in every direction,
millions of firs, a green carpet scattered with lakes,
shimmering sapphires.

Slicing the watermelon, I packed in my knapsack,
we stand at the railing, while chipmunks scavenge
a sudden rain of seeds.

Mark Thalman

About Mark Thalman

Mark Thalman is the author of Catching the Limit, published by 
Fairweather Books (2009). His work has been widely published 
for four decades. Thalman’s poetry has appeared in Carolina 
Quarterly, CutBank, Pedestal Magazine, and Verse Daily,among 
others. He received his MFA from the University of Oregon, and 
he has been teaching English in the public schools for 34 years. 
Thalman is the editor of For more information 
please visit
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